Electronic Japanese language resources.

      Advice on electronic dictionaries, PC software, and the best electronic tool available: a PDA running electronic dictionary software. It beats even the best electronic dictionary hands down for power and utility, it's smaller and cheaper, and it's made for the non--native speaker using Japanese in daily life or learning it.

Advice for buying a used car in Japan.

Japanese Train Schedules:
Most complete, in Japanese (you can enter station names in roman letters in the top box; the rest is easy to figure out by trial and error even if you can only read a little Japanese).
Most convenient, in English (figures all connections and gives prices, but occasionally doesn't find a more convenient connection, especially at odd hours, and also occasionally gives wildly inflated prices).

Internet in Japan

      General info probably useful to people in other kens, too. NTT offers 100 Mb/s service! They'll run a fiber line right up to your house for less money overall than a crappy DSL line, and there are frequent campaigns offering installation and the first few months for free! It's better to do it all through AsahiNET, which offers lower prices than dealing directly with NTT and also has great English customer service. If you're interested, check out some information I put together for new Fukui JETs.