Hi, all. Quick and dirty web page with links to some of the teaching materials I use.

Cops and robbers/Find the king and queen game. Use "Replace all" to customize to your heart's content.

Number animal bingo. 42 different sheets (6/page), plus a list of all the different combinations on them.

World Cities infogap. What time is it? How's the weather? Print on both sides so the city name on the back matches the city whose info is given on the front.

Sentence cards. A few are particular to my schools, but most are generally useful. Print two-sided on heavy stock and use the backs provided (not for each card type, alas) or make your own (with nothing on the back, even on heavy stock, too easy to see through). These will be destroyed quickly unless laminated.

Information Gap--How do you say __ in English, What's ___ in English, What's this? (for lower grades version) etc.

Various quiz sheets

There are a few more resources available at a site I made a long time ago for elementary school teachers in Fukui--click here. (bad Japanese only)

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