This article is from, "Promoting the ideals of conservatism." I was thrilled to find it initially because it preserved the hilarious reviews from that I'd thought were lost forever. It's also a treasure because it shows that people who are big enough nimrods to put together a site called are as slow on the uptake as one would expect--note in the update that they take these reviews at face value (though the toy is EXACTLY as described, in the marketing mistake of the century). The page is titled " New Harry Potter Broomstick A Vibrator For Kids?" I've copied it here because it don't know how long it will be posted at The review writers are nothing less than geniuses. The Bushies... well, they're Bushies. True to their master, they're still a little foggy on the lingo (I haven't altered it).

Bush Country came across this on the Internet. Here is the info we have found out.

The toy is marketed to children 8 years and up, It is called the “Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 Broom”. The toy is supposed to be put between children’s legs so they can “fly around”. This is not the issue we are concerned about. The issue is, the toy uses batteries, which make the broomstick “vibrate”, and when placed between girls legs, well, just read the reviews below from to find out what kind of effect it has on children. Click here to see a picture of the toy

Here are some reviews from parents who have purchased the gift for their children on

To express any concern to the manufacture about this "Toy", you can contact Mattel's customer service department at: 800-524-8697

UPDATE: Sept 13
Bush Country has learned has removed the controversial reviews we note above from parents about the toy. However, Bush Country gives our word that the reviews noted above were 100% accurate and were available for viewing up through September 8, 2002

We expect, but do not know for sure whether the removal of these reviews were due to this article or not, but it seems someone does not want people reading those reviews from consumers.

Photo by the mfg.