Everything in Japan has to have a cute cartoon spokesobject, preferably animated. The cops around here have happy little dinosaurs painted onto their "cars." The local dam construction project has a computer-generated clump of dirt with a cartoon face (Mr. Hanky, anyone?).

For example, the local plastic surgery clinics have...
Don't you want to have a happy one? For ¥150,000, you can.

Houkei Chiryou

(treatment for phimosis [nonretracting foreskin])

¥130,000 (~$1000 US)

Kasei Houkei (pseudophimosis)
These folks don't advertise their price, but they seem to promise more. Look how much happier the one on the lower right is.
Jinsei Houkei (congenital phimosis)
Kanton Houkei (????? phimosis)--I don't know what "kanton" means, but this little guy sure looks upset about it. I love the stomping. (4.5 years later--I think it means "true phimosis")

Other Products and Services
The label from a cheap pitcher, which I bought only to be able to boast of having Sapphic kitchenware.
She's the mascot of a weight-loss plan. See the little "wow" marks around her new thin tummy? I can see one more area where there might be a little bit of weight missing.
OK, so this is an old American product, not Japanese, and I found the pic online, not in daily life. Still, it ranks up there with the Harry Potter vibrator in the "what were they thinking" category.